Who We Are

We are an independent company sourcing used and new vinyl records for our online shop.
Having a passion for vinyl records and having a large record collection of my own, collected over many years, has helped me to bring to you a good selection of varied music at different levels of cost and condition.

We will list records with varying degrees of quality. All items will be described and priced accordingly making all sorts of vinyl available to all types of people and budgets.

Please see individual images for a true representation of each item.

We will be as open and honest with the descriptions, photographs and grading as we can be.

Vinyl records that have been tested will be rated accordingly (see grading table).

There will be some records that have not been tested but this will be stated in the descriptions.

All images used to advertise a product will be the actual art work photographed by VinylSelector.com. (unless otherwise stated).

For refunds please read the returns and refund policy. All enquiries should be made through the contact form.

We ship to Europe and the US.

All postage will be sent using with Royal Mail 2nd class and International services:

We ask you to have read and understood the Record Grading Guide and the Grading given to any records you are interested in before you make any purchases.